On Wednesday May 22, Maumelle police charged Taz Marteny, 18, of 108 Ray Street, North Little Rock with aggravated assault and theft of property in conjunction with the May 16 2 a.m. robbery of the Waffle House in Maumelle after Pulaski County Sheriff Charles “Doc” Holladay’s deputies and North Little Rock police arrested him on Frank Street in North Little Rock the night before.

Maumelle police chief Sam Williams said detectives interviewed Marteny at North Little Rock Police offices. He said an arrest of the woman who held a pistol during the robbery has not yet been made.

A North Little Rock police spokesman said they believed Marteny had two separate female accomplishes in the string of armed robberies across Pulaski County the last few weeks.

North Little Rock charged Marteny in the robbery of three liquor stores, Sgt. Brian Dedrick said and Cabot and Pulaski County are also expected to file charges shortly.

Maumelle residents can breathe a sigh of relief that this alleged AK-47 Bandit was arrested so quickly. Many were concerned about an assault rifle being used in the Waffle House robbery inside the Maumelle city limits near the I-40 Morgan Exit.

The chilling surveillance photos released this week by Maumelle police show the two robbers entering the Waffle House through a rear door with the male carrying what police said looked like an AK-47 assault rifle military style pointed ready to shoot.

As the man closely followed by the woman ran into the restaurant, you next see the man pointing the rifle at an employee crouched down beside a stool in front of the counter. It appears he may even be poking it at her before police said he forced her to open the restaurant’s cash register and leave with an undetermined amount of cash.

The late night restaurant was the only fast food establishment hit in his brief spree that police are aware of. Most other businesses robbed included liquor stores.

Many Maumelle residents and authorities expressed alarm over the use of a military style assault rifle in such a brazen robbery of what could have been a restaurant filled with customers, which is not uncommon for that restaurant at 2 a.m.

Williams said he was just proud that police were able to get the man off the streets before anyone was injured. He said police start getting serious when someone carries that much firepower.