A 21-year-old Little Rock man was arrested and charged with breaking and entering local vehicles, theft of property, possession of controlled substances and fleeing after police received calls about a man breaking into cars on Pine Forrest Drive early last Saturday morning.

Maumelle police officer Laura Robinson found Terrel Wayne Reedy hiding in the attic of a friend’s apartment at 101 Pine Forest Drive.

Police said residents called 911 to report a man breaking into cars. And when they encountered him they asked him to empty his pockets because they suspected he had been breaking into cars. Instead they said he ran into Apartment I-36 where a friend of his lived with his mother.

The residents watched the apartments until police arrived and told police nobody had left the residence since the man ran inside.

Police knocked on the door and encountered a man who said he was Kyle Tyrrell, 22, and that he’d gotten a text from Reedy that he was lost in the area around Pine Forest Elementary School and he left to try and find him.

When police asked permission to search the apartment, they said Tyrrell refused and was “uncooperative.”

When Chief Sam Williams and Lt. Jim Hansard arrived on the scene, Tyrrell was back in his apartment and officers once again knocked and asked permission to search the apartment.

Col. Clifton McClintock said police then learned Tyrrell’s mother was the sole legal renter of the property they asked to speak to her. Once again Tyrrell refused permission and told police Reedy was not in his apartment but officers said they heard noises inside the apartment and Tyrrell slammed the door in their face.

In the ten minutes it took Tyrrell’s mother to come to the door, officers said they could hear a commotion inside with toilets flushing, counter doors opened and loud sound of someone moving about inside the apartment.

After given permission to search, Mrs. Rhonda Tyyrell told police she didn’t want any stolen property inside her apartment.

During the search, officers found 14 items that had been stolen out of neighbors cars that very day including two iPods, three cell phones, an expensive bottle of Armani cologne, sunglasses, lighters and a straight edge black knife in sheath.

Lt. Jim Hansard said when he read Reedy his rights, Reedy said to him, “I did not break into any cars,” although Hansard said he never asked him about that.

Hansard said Tyrrell was very uncooperative until Reedy was pulled from the attic, explaining he’d “lied to police because he didn’t want to make his mother upset.

The victim of the theft identified the items in the apartment as belonging to him.

Judge Roger Harrod set bail at $7,500 and Reedy was taken to the Pulaski County Regional Detention Facility where he remains yesterday.

The victim and his friends said they recognized Reedy because some of them had gone to high school with Reedy.

Police said Reedy also had outstanding warrant from Sherwood.

Chief Williams thanked his officers for their excellent police work and he thanked neighbors and the victims for staying together on the scene after they called 911 and directing officers to the right apartment. If more people followed their lead more of these car burglaries would be solved and the criminals would get tired and leave Maumelle alone.