In what has become an almost weekly event Maumelle police and fire were called to Maumelle Middle School again Tuesday, Oct. 2 for yet another fake board threat.

While the building was once again evacuated, policemen searched the vehicle for bombs and found nothing, police chief Sam Williams said.

Students were back inside the middle school building and in classrooms after about 30 minutes, he said.

Williams said his department has the experience now to quickly search the building because they’ve done so three times this year.

He also said with highs in the 70-degree range, heat injuries weren’t an issue Tuesday.

Maumelle Fire Chief George Glenn said his troops were on the scene but never left their trucks. He said they were paged out when the 911 call came in and stayed on the scene until Williams gave them the all clear and they returned to their duty stations.

Williams said this alarm stemmed from another note found at the school around 1;30 p.m.

There were no incidents and no one was injured in any way.

Williams said his department, lead mostly by the school resource officers made two arrests last week involving the bomb threats made at both Maumelle High School and at Maumelle Middle School. In both cases both juveniles were charged with felony communicating a bomb threat.

Williams also noted another teen was arrested for pulling the fire alarm when students were just coming back inside the high school but he was charged with a misdemeanor.

While cases handled in juvenile court are never known to the public, they can contain lifelong problems for those convicted of felonies, Williams said.

If those convicted were interested in certain jobs like policemen, joining the military and other sensitive jobs, those officials do have limited access to some of the conviction information, he said and normally it prevents the convicted juvenile from getting those jobs.

Last week a note at the same middle school said there was a bomb at both schools so both schools were evacuated and just as the high school was coming back into the building, a fire alarm was pulled.

Williams said his department has to take every threat as real. That means turning out in force, calling in off-duty officers, paging detectives and putting a lot of manpower in one place to search for bombs.

No arrests have been made in the original Sept. 7 bomb threat at the schools where two students were taken to area hospitals by ambulance and 7 others injured all from heat-related injury, he said. When they are, those charges will be enhanced, he said, because someone was injured as a result of the fake bombers actions.

Important investigations are disrupted, other investigations put on hold and all for what some students think is funny, Williams said.

To many of the students it was or became a joke, he said. School resource officers, teachers and others have been trying to convince students this type of crime is not a joking matter.

Some teachers at Maumelle High School have been doing the same thing calling off all extracurricular activities until students show more respect for teachers and adults

Students are worried that school administrators may not let them enjoy some of the senior class activities, like a Homecoming Dance in a few weeks.

No formal announcements have been made but teachers said they are tired of volunteering to work after-hours functions without pay if they can’t get any respect.

One student said just a few students are ruining the high school experience for all of them.