Unlike most cities, Maumelle limits political sign placements to begin just 45 days from the November election. Now the signs are sprouting up like wildflowers in the spring. Some residents always complain about the number of signs but Maumelle has tougher restrictions than most cities and code enforcement officers do police the signs. Director Jim Morley said in past years city employees pick up misplaced signs by the hundreds and keep them for candidate retrieval. Elliott is running for his second term as a JP on the county Quorum Court. His district is composed mostly of Maumelle but also includes a very small area within North Little Rock. In addition to sponsoring and voting on county ordinances, Elliott said he enjoyed the throwback to the state’s 1874 written constitution where JP’s were the top government official within their districts and performed marriage ceremonies — one of the few official acts carried over when county government was reformed in the 1970s. He said he likes to help young couples get off to a good start.

(Photo by Bill Lawson)