The Maumelle Citizens Association announces "An Afternoon with the Candidates" for Maumelle municipal candidates in the 2012 General Election. The event will be held on Sunday at 2 p.m. at the First United Methodist Church in Maumelle.

The meeting will be held in the gymnasium and the public is invited to hear candidates for the four aldermen’s positions. However, there are forum rules that the public needs to be aware of ahead of time. No campaign materials will be allowed on the grounds or in the forum hall with the exception of a single candidate pin worn on a candidate and vehicle signs. "Campaign materials" shall include, but are not limited to, literature, hats, stickers, signs, banners or other items showing support or opposition to a candidate. A name tag will be provided to each candidate. MCA members who are assisting in the forum will also be identified with a tag. Candidates will be allowed to mingle with the audience before and after the official program.

All cell phone ring tones must be turned off during the official portion of the program. Noise making devices are prohibited. No one in the debate hall shall be allowed to use flash cameras or motor driven cameras during the official forum program. Pictures may be taken before and after the official forum program. A candidate’s supporters will be prohibited from applauding or making noise during the forum and may not do anything visible or audible to express support or opposition to any candidate during the forum. Candidates are expected to make their supporters aware of these rules to the best of their ability.

There is still time to submit questions for the candidates to be considered by the forum committee but they need to be submitted via e-mail to no later than 6 p.m. on Friday, Oct. 12. Forum rules require that all candidates for the same position be asked the same questions.