The Maumelle City Council approved a measure that creates a no solicitation ordinance.

The ordinance, sponsored by Alderman Caleb Norris, was approved without discussion. This is the third time the ordinance has been brought before the Council.

City Attorney JaNan Davis said the ordinance would go into effect 30 days after passage, so the new regulations will begin in August.

Solicitation inside the city limits now requires as permit. City Clerk’s Joshua Clausen will accept applications for a permit.

Clausen said after the meeting that anyone soliciting inside the city limits would have to have that permit on their person and show it upon request.

That was the only ordinance on the City Council’s agenda.

Discussion of the city’s 4th Fest followed, along with comments from Mayor Mike Watson and the other aldermen.

Watson said because of the unseasonably cool weather, no one in Maumelle has any excuse not to attend the events on Thursday.

"We’re not going to get better weather for the Fourth of July. Ever," Watson said.

The parade starts at 4:30 p.m. and events continue through the day until that evening’s fireworks at Lake Willastein.

The next regularly scheduled meeting of the Council will be on Monday, July 15. It is set to start at 6 p.m.

Planning Commission

The Maumelle Planning Commission briefly met last Thursday night and approved a conditional use permit for an adult daycare center.

The center is located at 301 Millwood Circle and is owned by Alice Metcalf.

The property is located in a planned commercial district and previously hosted another adult daycare center.

Planning staff had previously recommended that the conditional use permit be approved.

The meeting lasted a little more than 10 minutes. The next regularly scheduled meeting is on Thursday, July 25 at 6:30 p.m.

— Jeremy Peppas