It was predicted to be worse than last year’s massive Christmas storm. And Maumelle residents did a great job preparing for the expected bad weather by planning and taking precautions.

Fuller and Son Hardware and local retail giants all had a brisk run on items needed in the event of a predicted massive power outage. Batteries, milk, bread and ice treating supplies were gone from selves by Friday. Electric generators were the big ticket items that were difficult to find.

Turns out the only casualty to the storm was the loss of a Jimmy Buffet concert.

Maumelle police chief Sam Williams said he was concerned about the number of four-wheelers on city streets as well as the speed people were driving on Maumelle Boulevard despite the slick conditions.

He said there were only four fender benders during the weather storm and they were minor.

Interim fire chief John Payne said the fire department responded to several medical calls over the weekend but most weren’t serious nor were they water related.

He said Maumelle dodged a bullet but that a lot of preparation went into fielding teams that helped residents prepare for a possible major storm as well as being ready to deal with the consequences..

Most of the precipitation came in the form of sleet and occasional freezing rain.

All of the central Arkansas public and private schools cancelled classes during the event and on Monday just to be safe.

City officials said all major roads were always passable but urged residents to stay in while ice on them created the possibility of slipping off a roadway or sliding into another vehicle.

Although weather officials said there was no measurable snowfall in Maumelle, sleet or some other form of frozen precipitation created a snow like effect that many Maumelle youngsters used to have fun. One of the top spots is along the levee that borders Lake Willastein where sliding down the hill has become a sport.

Weathermen are predicting another possible round of frozen precipitation for the upcoming weekend.