Each year all publicly elected officials are required by state law to file a Statement of Financial Interest outlining all sources of income and possible conflicts of interest. Spouse’s income and holdings are also required. In addition to city elected officials, the law also applies to two important city commissions, the Maumelle Planning and the Maumelle Civil Service Commission.

State law requires the official to report income in two different levels. First is any income of $1,000 and higher while the second is $12,500 and greater.

A look at Maumelle officials’ reports provided no surprises this year. There were no gifts listed as given in association with their governmental positions.

Alderman Caleb Norris filed his first statement and listed income of more than $12,500 from the Arkansas Municipal League where he is employed as an attorney. He also lists income of more than $1,000 from his own law firm, which he said he closed last year, and from his alderman’s pay. His statement also contains bank accounts, savings and 401K’s, including his wife Ashley’s business, Ashley Finds, LLC., operating as Antique Alley Arkansas she operates out of their home with income in excess of $12,500 last year.

Alderman Ken Saunders listed income from two businesses he owns, Saunders and Associates and Maumelle Appraisal Group. He stated both businesses do real estate appraisals and he received income greater than $12,500 from both.

Alderman Richard Anderson listed only income from his employer, a state agency - Arkansas Department of Career Education Rehabilitation Division and his wife, Kim’s employment at Acxiom.

Adrian Greene, a planning commissioner listed his salary as a distribution line supervisor for Entergy Arkansas as his sole source of income.

Fellow Planning Commission member Hall Ramsey indicated income over $12,500 from two sources – Central Construction Group where he is general superintendent and the Crown Shop, of which he is a vice-president. Both businesses are in Little Rock. His wife Wendy is also cited as a vice-president of the Crown Shop.

Planning Commission member Craig Johnson who also chaired the Bond Task Force reported income only from Crist Engineers where his is a professional engineer.

Ward One Alderman Steve Mosley reported income greater than $12,500 from the Steven A. Mosley and Company as well as investment income from various bank accounts.

Beau Pederson, a Civil Service Commissioner, listed income from the Arkansas Supreme Court and the Arkansas Bar Association’s Office of Professional Conduct and his wife Rena’s income from the Central Arkansas Radiation Therapy Institute where she is a radiation therapist. He also lists his retirement pension as a former federal employee.

Alderman Jan Hogue lists retirement benefits from federal government employment as a source of income for both her and her husband, James.

City Attorney JaNan Davis reported income greater than $12,500 from her city position, Corporate Bank Transit of Kentucky, Rainwater, the Holt and Sexton law firm and from her private law practice.

Harvey Durham, a member of the Maumelle Civil Service Commission, listed income from his Entergy retirement plan and his wife’s pension as income.

Former planning commissioner Julie Kierre reported her income as sales manager for Brindage – Bone Concrete Pumping.

Mayor Mike Watson reported his income as mayor and his wife’s income as a minister’s assistant at the Pleasant Valley Church of Christ.

Civil Service Commissioner Michael Ortega reported his federal retirement benefits as his source of income. He is a retired federal law enforcement officer.

Alderman Burch Johnson listed income from three different businesses he owns in Indiana.

Alderman Marc Kelley listed income from his health and safety coordination and management job at Cintas and his military retirement pension.

Civil Service Commissioner John Chapman showed income from his work with the Arkansas Livestock Show Association, retirement pension from J.C. Penney and his wife’s employment at the Oasis Church.

Alderman Preston Lewis listed income from Northstar Rehab, Genesis Rehab Services, Diversicate Management Services, Incite Group, LHC Group and Procare Therapy all in his role as a speech language therapist.

City Clerk and Treasurer Joshua Clausen reported his city salary and income from Blue 3 Productions and A + Insurance as a licensed insurance agent.