The Maumelle City Council approved Monday night a measure that would implement city-wide recycling through Waste Management.

The single-stream recycling program is similar to the ones in North Little Rock and Little Rock among other cities in Pulaski County.

The bins, nearly 1,700, would be a similar in size to the rolling trash cans already dotting the curbs of Maumelle.

By having a single-stream recycling program, residents would no longer need to sort through their recycling and separate it out. Cardboard, aluminin cans, and other recyclables can all be mixed together in one bin.

The program is expected to cost around $3 a month but Mayor Mike Watson will be negotiating with Waste Management. Watson has been a strong supporter of the recycling program as it should reduce the city’s garbage collection.

Last Fall, Waste Management said they would offer the recycling for free if Maumelle would hire the company to take over sanitation or garbage pickup from the city.

Watson said Monday night Waste Management just couldn’t make to numbers work to make it cost efficient.

The City Council must still authorize the contract, once Watson has worked out the details.

Maumelle’s current recycling center will remain open as it still accepts construction and yard waste. The single-stream program would accept neither.

In other business, the council approved selling a 2002 Dodge Durango for the fire department, and a new $210,000 fueling center for city vehicles.

The fueling center would be an above ground system with a double-insulating tank for safety purposes.

Of the $210,000 approved, $144,000 of that would go towards the tank, while the city would be responsible for the parking area, and a concrete apron around the fueling center.

— Jeremy Peppas