Country Club of Arkansas is distributing a three-page handout that outlines exactly what expenses it expects the new property owners association to take over from developers.

The handout answers a lot of questions the developers have been facing, but many are speculative and the developers have their own spin on the different issues.

Many of the area’s residents have expressed concern about the possible expenses.

The developers said they have spent $150,000 in maintenance costs since they took over the property in 1990. They outlined the expenditures as follows:

"Mowing — Country Club Parkway — $1,200 per month average 8 months of upkeep.

Water — Country Club Parkway — $750 per month with average 6 months of watering.

Bushhogging — larger green areas — $500 per time average 4 times a year.

Electrical — Lights along Country Club Parkway, sprinklers — $100 per month.

Property taxes — open space areas — $350 per year.

Liability insurance — $3,000 — $4,000 per year (estimated)."

"In addition the POA will incur administrative expense. Country Club Development has not separately accounted for administrative expense associated with maintenance of common areas but anticipates administrative functions can be handled by one clerical employee on a part time basis," the handout states.

One of the areas of concern are the private streets within the Sologne addition and Village Way. Will the POA be responsible for the maintenance of the streets?

Developers suggest that individual homeowners living on those gated streets be responsible for that expense, but it is included within the POA assessment of what should be transferred.

Some legal experts question whether those private areas are indeed a part of the County Club area or not.

The briefing document suggests the city should take over paying for the street lighting monthly electrical usage and even get the city to mow the medians.

Developers in their handout said the bills of assurance specify how the POA would be structured and run, but homeowners note the bills vary from one bill of assurance to another.

"It should be noted that the golf course and commercial properties are privately owned and are not included in or bound by the Bills of Assurance," the handout states.