This year’s Hometown Thanksgiving proved to be a record crowd.

Tina Timmons, leader of the organization that funds and organizes the annual event said a total of 320 guests attended the event.

That figure represents an all-time high in attendance for the event that started to try and provide soldiers and airmen during a war time a friendly face but evolved into more of a community get together.

She and Mayor Mike Watson both thanked all the elected officials who worked to feed the crowd as waitors.

Rather than its typical place in the Jess Odom Community Center South Room, this year the event was held in half of the gymnasium downstairs.

Timmons non-profit organization which has sponsored the event for years also presented Good Neighbor Awards to Billy Herrington and Marion Scott.

Watson said he’d also never seen so many baked goods given away as prizes for cake walks and other events in conjunction with the Thanksgiving luncheon.

A last minute request for more baked goods provided a last minute surge of donated items, Timmons said.