Thanks to the observant eyes of Maumelle police officer Justin Woods a huge load of drugs just passing through Maumelle never left the city.

Woods said he was patrolling last week around 2 a.m. on May 9 when he spotted an ambulance filling up with gas at the Shell Station near the I-40 Maumelle exit.

What caught his eye, Woods said was that the ambulance had no city or affiliation markings and he saw a casually dressed passenger get out and go into the Shell Station.

While waiting for backup Woods said he also noted there was no license plate on the vehicle.

After a traffic stop, the driver, Nelson Blake Giles, 25, of Memphis told officers he and his partners had just bought the vehicle in Montana and were driving back to Memphis.

The other party, Jarrett Matthew Hamilton, 29, also of Memphis produced a title for the vehicle but refused when asked to give officers permission to search the ambulance.

But Giles gave permission and officers found 25 different items of different drugs, mostly marijuana and devices to use the drugs. It included TH3-e-cIgarettes, cammasis oral sprays, Pot corn, marijuana cigars, Transdermal patches, THC bath soaks, cinnamon dew drops, fruit chewz, vapor oil cartridges, marijuana cigarette caviar cones, orange wafers, peach tarts and Smores cookies.

Giles and Hamilton were both arrested and charged with possession of Schedule VI controlled substances and possession of drug paraphernalia.

Both men were taken to the Pulaski County Regional Detention Facility. The ambulance and $2,160.99 were seized.

Back in 2007 another ambulance was seized in Maumelle with the patient area stuffed with plastic bags of marijuana which at the time was the largest bust in Maumelle.

Chief Sam Williams said the pair told police they bought the items legally in a western state that allows the sale of marijuana in various forms.But even if that was true, its still illegal to possess the drugs in Arkansas, Williams said.

— Bill Lawson