I never imagined, while building this state of the art high school, we would encounter the issues we’ve experienced since opening the school.

What I want parents to realize is these issues aren’t specific to our schools in Maumelle or even the district, which is clearly evident from the horrific incident that occurred in Connecticut recently. We should all be cognoscente of what our kids are doing both inside and outside the classroom and put forth a valiant effort to lead by example.

It’s my goal to see the school that I and many others worked so hard for to once again be the flagship school for the Pulaski County Special School District.

I want others to also understand the problems will be minimized greatly once we are out from under the desegregation lawsuit because then we can once again return to having safe, neighborhood schools for the children of the Maumelle and Oak Grove areas without the massive busing in of students from Little Rock.

I witnessed issues and incidents while serving three years as board president that others would have to see it to believe it. I never dreamed that going to the State for help to clean up the district would eventually remove all local representation for such a long period of time.

Thanks to Governor Beebe’s efforts, we were able to shine light on one of the largest problems - the misuse of federal, state and district funds. When posed the question, "can we ask for an audit?" He wasted no time in responding. Later that same day, I was sitting at Legislative Audit asking them to ‘leave no stone unturned’. No one understood the magnitude of the issues until they (the state) were able to see it first hand. That was a great first step…

Until we are able to come together as a community and work toward our own district, these issues will continue to occur and have a long term effect on our children, as well as the reputation of our community.

Tim A. Clark


Former president

Pulaski County Special School District