Dear Editor

I have been reading the commentaries by Neal Moore in the Monitor regarding the possibility of an Indoor Aquatic Center in Maumelle.

It’s obvious that Neal and our Mayor share the same viewpoint on this.

When the Mayor made the presentation to the Bond committee, it was apparent that he was not interested enough to do the research. This past Wednesday a group of us from the Water Aerobics class went to Bryant to check out the Bryant Indoor Aquatic Center. I was blown away by what I saw! The leadership in Bryant had enough foresight to know the advantages to the community and the additional revenue brought in by such a facility.

If you haven’t seen it, please take the time to drive to Bryant to check it out. We talked to the Aquatics Coordinator for over an hour. He was there when they were building it. It was built for $4.2 million, not $9 million that is being proposed for Maumelle, and they are revenue positive! They have contracts with four leagues and five swim teams for practicing and swim meets. 16 Swim Meets are scheduled for 2013-14 season.

With all the mom’s and Dad’s, aunt’s and uncles, grandparents, etc. coming to see their swimmers, imagine all the revenue to the surrounding business.

They have two party rooms which bring in between $40,000 to $60,000 revenue a year. They have the big lap pool and a therapy pool. It is opened 120 hours per week with life guards used only during particular times.

The swim teams have tripled in size in three years time, and they are at a point that they actually have to turn people away for swimming lessons! They have also been able to receive grants. They coordinate practice time with the area schools for their swim teams.

Something like this would be a wonderful asset for the City of Maumelle. If you build it, they will come.

Camille Ostergren, Maumelle