Dear Editor,

I would like to support everything that Mr. Darnell said in last Wednesday’s [Letter to the Editor] about Troop and Pack 295 in Maumelle. Isn’t it funny how we are so proud of being" Volunteer City of the year", yet we never would have achieved this honor without the Boy and Girl Scout organizations in Maumelle. Scouts and Their Families put in countless hours of service here and to others outside of Maumelle. I can think of just Eagle projects alone that have benefitted this City. My son’s Eagle project in 2004, Brought in Scouts and other Volunteers from outside our City to paint those ugly, lime green Bunkers a more pleasant color. Mayor Burch Johnson was getting plenty of complaints about the color and was the biggest supporter of this Eagle Project.

I have lived in Maumelle since 1991, I am still involved in Scouting although My Kids are grown and married. My Daughter was a Girl Scout, she achieved Girl Scouting’s highest award "the Gold Award."

She and her troop put in many service hours in Maumelle and elsewhere.

As a Maumelle citizen, I can’t think of a Better organization to wear the Maumelle City emblem. There are many Scouts, Scouters, former Scouts and relatives of Scouts in this City and they were all taught to be a part of your community and serve.

We were also taught to be a voice in our community and vote.

Marc Swann