Dear Editor,

I have been a resident of Maumelle for over 30 years and there’s a situation with Maumelle Water Management that I think all residents need to be aware of.

On January 24, MWM installed a diffusor in my neighbors yard. It was mandated by the state that these diffusors be installed. I only knew because I was home that day and ask what was going on. The diffusors are programed to go off two times a day at 12-hour intervals.

The diffusor was activated January 28 at which time I noticed the water in my commodes was dirty looking. I called MWM. They had Larry call me back. He sent someone out to open up the fire hydrant nearest my house. It seemed to have fixed the problem but January 29 I noticed the water was dirty looking again. Once again I called Larry. I was told the guys would be right out to see what could be done to remedy the problem for good. About a hour later after I had called Larry again they showed up at my neighbors house. I don’t think they would have ever come to my house if I hadn’t stepped out and told them I was the one that had called.

That day they opened up all the fire hydrants on my street. I talked to Larry three times that day and Barry Heller once. My water has been clear ever since but … Saturday February 1 I was home when the diffusor went off pouring water between my neighbors and my house flooding the yards.

I called the emergency number. The guy on call called me back and said there was nothing he could do but would ask Monday if the diffusor could be turned off I ask for the location of the other diffusors and was told I could get a copy.

Monday, February 3 I called MWM to see if I could get an appointment to talk to Barry Heller face to face. I was told he was out of the office and wouldn’t be in until February 10. I told the receptionist I needed to talk to someone that day.

She took my number and had Bryan Smith call me. He was sarcastic and condescending but did say he would come out and look. He changed his tune once he came and saw where the diffusor had been placed. It was too far up in my neighbors yard and should never have been put there as our yards slope to the back.

They ended up turning off the water and told me it would be moved.

I think MWM learned a valuable lesson. Just want the other residents to know that if approached by MWM about putting a diffusor in their yard they need to ask lots of questions,talk to Bryan Smith then decide.

Thanks for you time.

Laura Huber