After reading the graphic nature of text messages a Maumelle man allegedly sent to a 14-year-old Maumelle girl, Maumelle Police Chief Sam Williams said he acted swiftly to get this man off the streets last Friday, Jan. 4.

Williams said Michael Daly, 58, of 39 Sand Trap Drive in Maumelle was arrested and charged with sexual solicitation of a child.

Daly was booked and transferred to the Pulaski County Regional Detention Facility awaiting arraignment.

Contrary to published reports that this case was a police "sting" Williams said it was not. He said they allege Daly contacted a real girl whom he believed to be a 14-year-old girl.

Williams said the two had a conversation or two until Daly allegedly became sexual in his discussion and the girl became scared and told her parents who notified Maumelle police.

It was at that point that Maumelle police assumed the roll of the 14-year-old and make arrangements to meet in Wendy’s parking lot last Friday.

When Daly arrived on time, he was arrested and charged.

Police went out of their way to be sure the man knew she was only 14, Williams said.

Maumelle detectives and members of the Arkansas State Police’s crimes against children unit were involved, he said.

Daly’s text’s and information became more graphic and explicit with each one and he believed it was necessary to take action last Friday, Williams said.

Williams praised the girl who was initially contacted, even though she was not the person Daly thought he was contacting, because she had the courage and relationship with her parents to brief them on whist had transpired.

He also praised the parents for contacting police to allow them to check out any allegations.