Two Maumelle 20 year-old women were chased through Millwood Landing Apartments Monday night in an aggravated robbery.

Lt. Scotty Bryant said police dispatch received a call at 7:37 p.m. that a black male wearing a mask was chasing two women through the apartments.

When police arrived they found no assailant but contacted the two victims.

Tashawna Castle said she and her friend Jasmine Johnson, both 20, were walking out to a friends car when "a black male wearing all black, with a black mask on his face" standing about five-foot-eleven and weighing 170 pounds ran up behind her and told her, "You better not scream." She said he was holding his arm up like he had a gun in his hand.

Castle said she turned to run and fell down, dropping her purse and cell phone and saw the man chasing her friend so she ran in the opposite direction and knocked on the first door she came to and asked them to call the police.

The man the two women were meeting, Clarence Harris, told police he arrived after the incident but in time to see a black male in black clothing running away from the scene.

When she returned with police to the place she fell down and dropped her purse and phone, Castle told police the two items were missing.

Police said they found the second women, Ms. Johnson, hiding in her apartment, "disheveled with minor abrasions on her legs."

Johnson told police she saw the man come up behind them, push Castle to the ground and start chasing her.

When the man caught up with her in the parking lot Johnson said he pushed her down to the ground pulling at her purse which she wouldn’t let go until the man reached in is pocket and pulled out a "black semi-automatic handgun" demanding she give up the purse.

The robber then ran away telling her he’d "better not see her around here no more."

She said he watched her as she took off running back toward her apartment where she found Castle’s purse and phone on the ground, picked them up and ran inside the apartment.

Johnson also told Bryant she didn’t respond to him at first because she thought she had "outstanding warrants from Sherwood."

Officers searched the parking lot for physical evidence, Bryant said and all they found was Johnson’s phone underneath a vehicle.

The purse and its contents taken was valued at $600.