Three bomb threats in two days at Maumelle High School resulted in one teenager arrested the same day a note was found on Monday and more arrests are expected in Tuesday’s incidents.

Maumelle police chief Sam Williams said as soon as the first bomb threat came in on Monday they had a suspect and arrested the North Little Rock 15-year-old the same day.

Tuesday’s bomb threats came together in the form of a note at Maumelle Middle School threatening bombs would blow up both the middle and high schools. The note came late in the afternoon and Williams just briefed on what occurred.

He said after the note, both schools were evacuated and searched quickly and nothing was found. But just as students were filing back into the high school, someone pulled a fire alarm, which sent students outside again.

After a quick check for fire and a possible bomb, students were once again let back into class late in the day.

Williams wouldn’t say much about the first incident since a juvenile was involved and the charges filed will be heard in Pulaski County Juvenile Court. He wouldn’t say whether the teen arrested was a male or female or if they were a student at the school or not.

Unless the teen is charged as an adult, details about the crime and most importantly, the name of the child, will never be known.

He said those records are sealed once the case is adjudicated.

The Tuesday incidents are still under investigation and that suspect is expected to be caught, Williams said.

He did say in response to questions of parents calling the Monitor to report fights at school, that was there were a series of fights at Maumelle High School that resulted in one student being arrested for assaulting a teacher when the teacher stepped in to try and break-up one of the fights.

Details of those fights will be reported once they’re known. There were several fights at the school last school year but the administration denied them and so did the Pulaski County Special School District through their spokesperson, Deb Roush at the time. But parents and police admitted their were numerous fights on several occasions.

The bomb threats follow a much more serious one at Maumelle Middle School on Friday, Sept. 7 in which two students were hospitalized and seven others treated for heat related injuries incurred while students were waiting out in the 100-degree plus heat while officials thoroughly searched the middle school.

Maumelle Fire Chief George Glenn said the fire department didn’t even respond to Monday’s incident since police had information on the alleged perpetrator.

But they were on standby and couldn’t have been there within a couple of minutes, Glenn said.

Weather was not an issue this time, he said and information obtained by police indicated that it was indeed a hoax, he said.

On Tuesday they did respond to the second alarm call because a "fire alarm was triggered," Glenn said. He said firefighters arrived on the scene about the same time policemen were calling for their help to reset the fire alarm.

During the Middle School incident earlier in the month, firefighter used their lifesaving techniques to save several lives, Glenn said.

Williams said on Monday’s incident that Maumelle police quickly searched the high school and didn’t find anything after the bomb threat note was found.

A few parents heard about the incident and quickly showed up to bring their children home.

One parent said he thought classes were dismissed for the day but before he could get to school, the students were back in class.

The Tuesday morning hoax was also addressed quickly, Glenn said.

During the Tuesday afternoon threat it was taking a little longer, Glenn said. He said he was not on duty when the threat was made.

Officials at the scene were so busy clearing the area, searching for a possible bomb and unable to provide details about the incident late Friday afternoon.