A group of eight students from Maumelle High and Middle schools were recognized for their leadership efforts last month in Nashville, Tenn.

The eight students — Abigail Herring, Alexis Crutchfield, Haiden Fender, Maggie Culp, Ashley Turner, Caroline Elliott, Grace Krebs and Rebecca Aguilera — are members of FCCLA, Family, Career and Community Leaders of America, and the first seven all attend Maumelle Middle, while Aguilera attends the high school.

The group’s advisor is Kristen Herring, a teacher at the middle school.

Herring said the group of students received four gold medals and one silver medal for their efforts.

The projects began last September and continued throughout the school year and into the summer, Herring said.

“The group did an outstanding job of creating community projects, developed leadership skills through their project development and then competed successfully on all levels,” Herring said.

The gold medal honorees were:

Turner, Krebs and Elliott: The three were seventh grade students and their project was titled, “Focus on Children.” Herring said the project took a look at Common Core standards and taught lessons to area Kindergarten students.

Culp and Fender: The students were seventh and eighth grade students and their project was titled, “National Programs in Action.” Herring said it was a community service project and it helped raise funds for a surgical procedure for a Maumelle child.

Abigail Herring: A former eighth grade student, her project was titled “Career Investigation” and her teacher, who is also her mother, said her project involved shadowing local chefs and then presenting a portfolio of her work.

Aguilera, an occasional Monitor contributor, is a former freshman, and she competed in the National Programs in action. Her project was called, “Be Alert, Accidents Hurt” and was about the dangers of drinking and driving, and the importance of wearing a seatbelt.

The silver medal recipients were Crutchfield and Lizzie Musick, who was unable to attend the Nashville event, and they were eighth grade students. Their entry was a “Chapter Service Project” and was in conjunction with Arkansas Children’s Hospital.

All the students received first place honors at the district and state level before going to Nashville.