Mayor Mike Watson issued the following statement Tuesday:

"I am very proud of all of our Police and Fire personnel who responded to the Mayflower area on Sunday evening immediately after the storm had passed. They were able to provide immediate assistance to another community before even being asked to respond by that community. They all did their jobs as trained and served people in need. We also had Fire personnel assisting in storm recovery efforts in the Roland area near their personal homes.

I am also very proud of the job that our Animal Services personnel are doing in recovering lost pets and providing aid to the injured dogs and cats in the Mayflower area. They have also been providing food for various farm animals and pets. The Maumelle citizens have been donating the feed necessary for the numerous animals recovered. ( I am not sure of the story you are referring to)

To the best of my knowledge, we have five employees who had their homes destroyed or sustained major damage. We had several other employees who had immediate family members lose their homes. We all have friends that have lost homes so most everyone has been touched in some way or another.

We are asking that if you wish to make any donations, use the Red Cross; The Maumelle Area Chamber of Commerce; Shepard of Peace Lutheran Church or any of the other Churches who have been set up as relief agencies. This cleanup effort will be ongoing for months so we need to be mindful that donations will need to continue to be made for several months until people have had time to rebuild their lives and property."