Our Bond Task Force Committee gave an overview to the Maumelle City Council of the projects that had been submitted for consideration. The comments are mine. In order of "scored" ranking, they are:

• Maumelle Boulevard Pedestrian Over/Under pass — No location determined and has there been a study? Do we really have that many kids walking across the Boulevard to go to school?

• City Hall Renovation- —Burch Johnson says it’s overdue and could be paid for with reserves.

• Event Center Renovation, Phase 1 — I’m not sure I knew we had an "Event Center." I assume this is referring to the "Park on the River" facility. How much has this cost us so far? I plan to ask for the numbers. And you too, can rent it for $1,200.

• Event Center Renovation, Phase 2 — Huh?

• Senior Services Center — Expensive. Hopefully, worth it.

• Indoor Aquatic Complex — VERY EXPENSIVE. I don’t think worth it.

• Ball Field addition (2 softball, 2 T-ball additions) — Probably the best use of money in the long run.

The rankings were based on the cost, operation and maintenance, demographics of those served and the benefit to Maumelle, according to Bond Committee Chair Craig Johnson. It is my understanding that the council will consider these propositions and we, the voters, will have an opportunity to vote on the ones they put on the ballot.

There is much more to come on this. I would love to hear from opponents and proponents of any of the measures. Maumelle Monitor Editor Bill Lawson wrote a good overview of the council meeting. This points out another great reason to read and support your local paper. Nowhere else will you find this kind of information about your hometown. Stay tuned and remember, it’s YOUR money.

Thanks, Councilman Mosley

I noticed at the last council meeting, councilman Steve Mosley suggested maybe we should stop building "high density" housing until we resolve the traffic issues we have out here. You think?

Think about it. When you build a unit that has 300 or so apartments, you get about two cars per unit, so that adds up to 600 or so new friends and their texting, bumper-to- bumpering-vehicles on the Boulevard.

I say let’s make it official. Cut a deal with North Little Rock and issue no more building permits for apartments in the Maumelle area until, oh, about 2025. That’s about how long it’ll take to make any progress on the magical "third entrance."

Beebe Says Farewell to Political Animals

In his last annual appearance before the Political Animals group at the Mansion, Gov. Mike Beebe told attendees that there was no better job than being governor of Arkansas. He called himself the most grateful man in Arkansas but looked forward to doing something different while wife Ginger "digs in the dirt." He hinted there would be something else down the road, including serving on some boards. He ruled out running for another public office. Too bad, he could be the choice over Cotton or Pryor.

He spent most of his speech making a compelling argument for the approval of the private option expansion. I won’t even begin trying to explain any of that to you. You’ve kept up or you haven’t.

Hopefully, you noticed that one of the senators who represent Maumelle, Senator David Sanders, is credited as one of the chief architects of the private option and is called a "good Republican" by John Brummett. I will write more about Senator Sanders in the next few weeks as we get into the fiscal session of our legislature.

I will miss Gov. Beebe. In his eighth year at the helm of our state government he has been a solid leader, willing to reach across the aisle and bring solutions to complex issues.

Who’s stealing our testosterone?

Where has all the testosterone gone? Men seem to be losing testosterone all over America. You can’t escape the numerous commercials out there that assure they can "get you back to where you used to be." How do they know where I was?

My favorite line in a radio commercial promoting some sort of homeopathic remedy for "the problem" says, " it’s no laughing matter when she leaves you for someone else."

Oh, well. Don’t let the door hit you where the dog should have bit you.

See you on the Boulevard.

Neal Moore is COE (Chief of Everything) at Neal Moore Creative, a PR, advertising and marketing consultancy. If you have a community concern or if you’re just irritated about something contact him at neal.moore@sbcglobal.net. Follow him on Facebook, Linkedin or Twitter, @kneelmore.