Hard to believe that we are on the backside of summer already. Here are a few observations that might amuse, inform or confuse you.

Baseball tournaments feature great kids but there are distractions

I spent quite a few weekends this summer at baseball tournaments. Loved seeing kids play but got so tired of hearing the same old malarkey from some coaches and parents. The game is for the kids, not for you to live vicariously through your child. Oh, I’m guilty of it myself, but when you are older and wiser, it sounds pretty silly.

One parent told me that his son’s team had a policy that if you "coached" your kid from the stands, your kid would be removed from the game. That’s a good idea. Now if we can just get the coaches to not act like each game was a life or death situation.

Who can afford to cook beef?

Have you invested in cooking steaks or beef of any sort lately? The price for "premium beef" is outrageous. I still think one of the best bargains in town is Tommy’s Meat Market at Morgan. Take a right at the light where they are building the new Kum and Go. They have several package deals that are really a great value. One of my favorites is the 10 good-sized filets for about $50.

Water ban

Do you remember last year when the water company took it upon itself to turn off our sprinkler systems without notice? Note to Maumelle Water: Why don’t you just have an "even-day, odd-day system" like last year. We promise we won’t cheat. Hopefully, we’ll get enough rain that it won’t be necessary.

I keep hearing rumblings about Central Arkansas Water system operating the Maumelle Water System but the hold up is the deteriorated state of our system. My source says we would have to pass a tax in order to get the system up to the standards for CAW. What do you hear?

Great fireworks show on the 4th

I was very impressed with the fireworks show at Lake Willastein this year. It was a good, solid 30-minute show with some pretty good explosives. There was a great crowd, a smattering of eating options and a band.

You could see several fireworks shows popping up all across the horizon including some of the "big show" from downtown Little Rock.

Tomatoes on the Boulevard

I have had some pretty good tomatoes of late. I’ve purchased most of mine from either side of Maumelle Boulevard. It seems we have two competing produce stands in Maumelle. One is on the "morning side" by the Shell station and the other one on the "coming home side" just past McDonald’s. They both have a pretty good selection of produce including frozen purple hull peas and butter beans. Both seem pricey to me, but if you want it fresh and on the way home … .

The readers write

I actually received two e-mails regarding my radio station series. I always welcome your comments and suggestions for columns as long as you don’t make me work too hard to write the story. It seems I left out a couple of stations like "The Edge." I believe it’s kind of a metal rock station. I can’t imagine it will last very long or ever interest me or any Maumellian over the age of 18.

Prayers for the Brunings

Jon David Bruning, better known as JD, son of longtime Maumelle residents Dave and Jackie Bruning, needs our prayers and support. JD was injured in a diving accident and has undergone two spinal surgeries in just over two weeks. He has been transferred to Shepherd Center in Atlanta for what appears to a long road of rehab and more surgery. His injuries are very serious and will be very expensive in the long run. There are discussions of a fundraising effort to help offset some of the family’s expenses. But more importantly, I know the family covets your prayers. I will keep you posted.

See you on the Boulevard. And count your blessings every day.

Neal Moore owns a creative consulting firm, Neal Moore Creative. He has lived in Maumelle over 10 years. Contact him at neal.moore@sbcglobal.net. Follow him on Facebook or on Twitter, @kneelmore.