I sent an email to everyone on the City Council and the mayor last week asking each one of them to let me know where they stand on the various options facing them as they consider the recommendations and reports from the Bond Task Force. It’s only been about a week, and I have heard from three aldermen. I asked them to weigh in on each issue and get back to me by February 21. I’ll keep you posted on that.

In the meantime, I hope readers will also tell me their opinions on which options they’d like to see added to their tax bill. Remember, it’s your money. You will pay, in some form, for any or all of these projects. They are not a gift from the city. And we will have a chance to vote before we are taxed. Do your homework and let’s get the discussion going.

Valentine’s only second to Halloween

My dozens of readers know that I am not much of a Halloween fan. Second to Halloween, my most un-favorite "holiday" is Valentine’s Day. A recent report said that Americans would spend $17.3 billion on Valentine’s Day this year. Huh?

On average, consumers are expected to spend $133.91 on gifts, candy and cards. I don’t think that counts the restaurants, which are packed on Valentine’s Day evening, so the real winner locally would be restaurants and various retail outlets that sell Valentine’s stuff and of course, florists.

I bought the grandbuddies stuff for school at one of my favorite stores in Maumelle, Dollar General.

My gripe with Valentine’s Day or Mother’s Day Two is that most of the stuff given away ends up in our landfills or wilting. Tons of plastic junk and candy. (Sounds like Halloween)

And most guys usually end up the loser by not choosing the right gift, spending enough or acting romantic enough.

Guys are lucky to get a card while the women get flowers, chocolates, dinner, and a day at the spa, etc. It just ain’t fair.

Brits on American television

I don’t know about you, but I really don’t like it when Brits have prominent roles in American programs and commercials, especially as news analysts. I have seen them in segments focusing on Hollywood, economics and selling all sorts of cooking contraptions.

I guess they figure if they have a British guy or gal hawking their wares, the product will have more credibility because they talk so nice.

50 years ago, music changed forever and so did I

I was sitting in front of the black and white television in our home on Abernathy Street in Fordyce, Arkansas. I, like many other pre-teens and teenagers, could barely contain my excitement as we waited for the Lads from Liverpool to appear on the Ed Sullivan Show. That Sunday night, music would change forever and so did I.

The Beatles made history and all of us kids listened to the albums till we wore down the grooves. We couldn’t wait till the next album came out. I bought a Beatle wig. I got a guitar and put some sort of Beatle sticker on the back. I carved "The Beatles" into the relatively new headboard of my bedroom furniture. And today, that 50- year old act of vandalism is still mentioned at family gatherings.

That day in 1964 led to many of us forming rock and roll bands and changed the sound of music forever. If you’re of that generation, do your kids and grandchildren a favor and let them listen to The Beatles. Their entire catalog is available on iTunes for around $200.

"Baby, you can drive my car."

See you on the Boulevard.

Neal Moore is COE (Chief of Everything) at Neal Moore Creative, a PR, advertising and marketing consultancy. If you have a community concern or if you’re just irritated about something contact him at neal.moore@sbcglobal.net. Follow him on Facebook, Linkedin or Twitter, @kneelmore.