Now that we have survived several weeks of rain and almost springtime weather, maybe we can now get on with the summer of 2014. There are a lot of tidbits to report on, but really no earth-shattering news.

The trail: They added yellow stripes in the middle of the new "trail," which should clear up any confusion as to which side one should occupy. The mayor tells the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette that the city will be putting up rails on the Boulevard side at any place where the trail is less than five feet from the street. I got a few notes critical of my inability to see the grand vision of connecting the trail to the other 88 miles of trails. I get all that, but we still just connected it to First Security Bank and then you’re on the "back way" riding on awful Crystal Hill Road. And the cost will never make sense.

Say it ain’t so: B.J.’s Fresh Market Café is calling it quits. Evidently, they were not making enough money to make it worth their while. A shame. The food was excellent and the service was always down home friendly. Maybe someone else will give it a go. We now have no "blue plate" options any closer than Bobby’s in Morgan and I-40 restaurant. I assume they are both still open. It is my understanding BJ’s will continue with their other location.

Changes coming to Beef O’ Brady’s: Had a good visit with Todd Smyly, one of the new owners at Beef O’Brady’s in Maumelle. Who is the other owner? Drew Smyly of the Detroit Tigers. Watch for a makeover in the near future. I’ll be reporting on the changes soon. They also have some exciting announcements soon.

Strange medicine: I know that St. Vincent Medical Center is owned by Catholic Health Initiatives, but when you see their new logo CHI St Vincent "Imagine better health" together, it makes you think of some sort of mysterious, Middle Eastern healing center.

Paint store and car wash: Anchor Paint has taken over the oft-changing building in North Little Rock that has been a used car dealer a couple of times. The Cascade Car Wash is changing to a Boomerang. Not sure what that means, but there have been crews working on it. They might want to add change machines.

The ticket writer keeps on striking: Had several comments on the "ticket writer." Here’s one from a loyal reader I particularly like: "The ticket writer gave us a warning because one of our vehicles that was parked in our driveway had not been moved in a certain length of time even though it was tagged and insured. (I don’t mean a wreck that was up on blocks either.) [He] also gave our neighbors a warning the day they purchased a boat, backed into their driveway and were removing their fence to park it in the back yard."

One Maumelle retailer told me the ticket writer stopped by their business and another across the street and told them they had to take down promotional banners in their window. Go ticket writer, go.

Ain’t nothing better than homegrown tomatoes: The Arkansas tomatoes are starting to show up at local produce stands. I keep buying them in hopes of being satisfied, but so far I haven’t found that juicy acidic nectar that just makes life better. I have it on good authority that the tomato is God’s favorite fruit. It was the apple and then, well, you know the story.

Drinking and College Sports: I noticed that if you sit in "club seating" at a Razorback game in Fayetteville, you can get a beer or glass of wine. Seems to discriminate against regular people like you and me. It will be just a matter of time before drinking at all college sports events is the norm. The lure of the extra revenue is too tempting and let’s face it, those who want to drink, will drink. I have seen plenty of fans who would have been better off staying at the tailgate party.

New preacher at First Baptist: Chris Larmoyeux is the new pastor of

First Baptist Church of Maumelle. I knew Chris when he was just a wee lad at a previous church. He was previously at BCM in Conway. BCM stands for Baptist Collegiate Ministry and served UCA, Hendrix and Central Baptist College. Welcome to Maumelle, Pastor Chris!

See you on the Boulevard.

Neal Moore is COE (Chief of Everything) at Neal Moore Creative, a PR, advertising and marketing consultancy. If you have a community concern or if you’re just irritated about something contact him at Follow him on Facebook, Linkedin or Twitter, @kneelmore.