I love it when football starts again! There is just no better time of the year for sports lovers. You can watch multiple NFL games on Sunday, including a game on Sunday night, and then again on Monday night. And you can purchase a "ticket" on satellite and literally watch every NFL game starting around noon till 10 p.m.

And if that’s not enough, you can play "Fantasy Football" and create your own season each Monday using a roster you "drafted" from all the NFL players.

College games will often play on Thursday nights, high school games on Friday and then college again all day Saturday. There are millions of guys (and gals) wearing out their TV remotes (and rear ends), switching from game to game.

Maumelle has a great high school facility (with fake grass) and plays in the 4-4A conference with several home games scheduled. Watch the Boulevard banner to let you know when they are in town. Nearby CAC also plays in the 7-4A conference and has a nice stadium for watching prep ballers.

What a country.

Kum and Go has us surrounded

I think Kum and Go is the best convenience store on the planet. They are clean, well organized and the people are friendly and even helpful. Now our second Maumelle-area store is open on the north end of the city, right across the street from my favorite meat market, Tommy’s.

The company is based in Iowa and operates over 400 stores in 11 states. Convenience Store News ranks it as the 23rd-largest convenience store chain in the United States. The largest chain is 7-Eleven with almost 6,000 stores.

One of the impressive things about a Kum and Go is they are constantly putting out fresh food from their kitchen, including breakfast sandwiches, pizza, cold sandwiches, etc. And I believe they are the only place in the Maumelle area you can buy "E-85 gas." E-85 is generally 20 cents cheaper, but your car has to be equipped to burn it. The 85 means it has 85 percent ethanol and 15 percent "regular" gas.

I also want to give the Valero station credit for cleaning and fixing up. The others should take notice.

Traffic and texting make the Boulevard a war zone

The traffic is back on the Boulevard and with it comes the rude, creepy people who feel like they have to win the race to get to I-430. They pass on the left and cut back in on the right before they get to the freeway. They take Crystal Hill and try to cut in at various cross-streets along the Boulevard. You can only gain about three to five minutes by cheating, so just take a chill pill and listen to music or an audio book.

Add in texting and people on the phone and we’ll have several rear-enders through the school year. Ya’ll be careful out there and quit texting! I’m sure whoever it is you’re texting can wait till you get to work so you can do it on your employer’s time.

Another one bites the dust

Lt. Governor Mark Darr dropped his bid for the Fourth Congressional District race after being caught red-handed misspending campaign funds for personal expenses. The good thing is, we hopefully get another bad guy out of politics and send a warning flare to other politicians that people are watching. Kudos to the Blue Hog Report for the tedious research and reporting. Blue Hog is a blog run by lawyer, Matt Campbell. If you enjoy in-the-trench politics, give it look at bluehogreport.com.

Readers respond

I must be doing something right because I keep getting responses to my column. I had one reader tell me at BJ’s Café the other day that she enjoyed my column but didn’t always agree with me. If everybody agreed with me, it would be pretty boring.

I had another reader who said she appreciated my column on Maumelle alderman Preston Lewis but wanted to make sure that I knew we had three other new aldermen who should be covered. Well, I do plan to talk to ALL of our eight aldermen within the next year. Do you know who your alderman is? I’m not sure I can tell you for sure. I should check that out.

I welcome your responses, positive or negative.

See you on the Boulevard.

Neal Moore owns a creative consulting firm, Neal Moore Creative. He has lived in Maumelle over 10 years. Contact him at neal.moore@sbcglobal.net. Follow him on Facebook or on Twitter, @kneelmore.