On Aug. 4, Antwan McCray, 27, of Conway was arrested and charged with possession of 4 ounces or less of marijuana, possession of drug paraphernalia, violating the Omnibus DWI Act and refusal to submit.

At around 7:53 a.m., officers were requested to assist Pulaski County Sheriff’s Office with a vehicle blocking the roadway at the intersection of Highway 365 and Maumelle Boulevard. Upon arrival at 18100 Maumelle Boulevard at 21419 Highway 365 North, Cpl. Clifton McClintock saw a white Hyundai Sonata stopped at the light in the right southbound lane.

As he approached the vehicle, McClintock saw two black men asleep in the vehicle and could smell a strong odor of burnt marijuana coming from the vehicle. The vehicle was still in gear and the driver had his foot on the brake. Officers attempted to wake the men but were unable to.

Officer Brock Waldo was able to place the vehicle into park and remove the keys. Officers were then able to physically shake the subjects and wake them both. The driver, McCray, said that they were driving to pick up his girlfriend from work in Maumelle. McCray was found to have an active warrant from Conway Police Department and was taken into custody.

As he was searched, officers found a baggie of marijuana and a large amount of cash in his pocket. At this time, McCray was placed into McClintock’s patrol unit. The passenger, Eric Jackson, was found to have a suspended driver’s license, so the vehicle was inventoried for tow. During the inventory, McClintock found a large glass jar in a brown backpack that was in the vehicle’s trunk. The jar had marijuana residue on the inside.

Also in the trunk, McClintock found a blue Samsonite luggage case that was locked. McCray was given his Miranda Warning by Officer Gregory Roussie and at that time he claimed responsibility for the marijuana, cash and glass jar. Based on the driver’s previous arrest, the amount of money and the glass jar, McClintock brought the luggage to the department for further investigation. The vehicle was towed by Frank Harrison and Son. Jackson was released without charges. McCray was taked to Maumelle Police Department along with the $3,493 in cash that was found in his pocket and $1,180 in cash found in his wallet.

Det. Chase Campbell was notified and took over the investigation upon his arrival. A search warrant was executed on the luggage and no further contraband was found. The luggage was entered and held for safekeeping. A Samsung flip phone was also seized from McCray in relation to the paraphernalia charge and entered into evidence. The money, $4,673, was seized from McCray and entered into evidence. A Pulaski County prosecutor was notified and set a bond of $5,000.