It’s true; the first day of summer was Friday, June 21. Well, I think we got the jump on the summer-like temperatures a few weeks ago but it seems like we only got two days of spring. But it’s time to get on with the summer and all those things that make a summer, cool.

Summer camps

It’s the time of year when kids from all over go to camps of all sorts. My grand buddies have been to baseball camp, basketball camp and probably a few more to come. Just for future reference, the UALR basketball camp put on by Coach Steve Shields is a great deal for kids of all ages. I have taken kids to camps for over 20 years and this one of the better ones. The coaches give the kids a lot of attention and Coach Shields stays involved, learning most of the kid’s names and giving them the opening pep talk each day.

There is one more week left for kids K5 through 6th grade. Get more info at

Let’s hear it for the band; Broadway coming to town

I’ve’ mentioned here before that I do voiceovers for radio and television, but this past Sunday, I was asked to do a narration for the Natural State Brass Band. If you are not familiar with them, do yourself a favor and attend a concert sometime. They occasionally play in Maumelle and will do so again in October at Maumelle High School. I think the admission is free and the music is definitely top-notch. Most of the band members are long-time musicians and many are former band teachers. Get more info at

Speaking of Maumelle High School, when Robinson Auditorium shuts down in 2014 for remodeling, Maumelle High School will become one of the homes to the Broadway Theatre Series and the Arkansas Symphony. It is a beautiful theatre and deserves our support, no matter what is playing there. My old buddy, Bob Birdsong, is the theatre teacher at MHS and has already staged several nice shows including, "Grease." He and I did Grease together about a 100 years ago together.


I have a lot of memories of Vacation Bible School. For some reason, I mainly remember Popsicle sticks and white glue. I wonder what ever happened to all those marvelous creations?

The grand buddies attended VBS at New Life Church this past week. This not your daddy’s VBS. When you come up to the church, there is a crazy guy in a wild wig on a scissor lift throwing watermelons and cantaloupes to their death on the concrete. You walk in the door, punch in your code and receive a nametag and a "receipt," so you’ll be allowed to pick up your kids. Yeah, they pay attention to security these days.

The sanctuary is filled with loud music, stage fog and is a generally raucous atmosphere. The kids love it and I think they do get in a little Bible during the week.

Bring on my new recycle bin

I was pleased to see that the city council passed a measure that would implement single-stream recycling. That means we’ll all get a new yellow and green bin to put in our driveway and we’ll all pay about $3 for the service. They will add that to our already too-high service fees. But I’m glad to pay it. Sometimes you have to do things for the greater good.

I was visiting with Melinda Glasgow, Recycling Coordinator for the city of Little Rock, and she made an important point about the program. From the time it started in Little Rock, the participation rate, those who actually put stuff in their green and yellow bin, was at about 35 percent. Now the rate has doubled to over 85 percent participation. That’s an incredible number. To put it in context, that increased the amount of recyclable material from 720 tons to 1,500 tons. That’s a lot of Bud Light cans and Merlot bottles. Tons that won’t go in our over-filled land fills.

Now you’ll be able to throw it all in there together-aluminum, plastic, cardboard, and glass. We as a planet must work a little harder to preserve what we have and prepare it for the future. It’s not just a problem facing young folks. It’s something we owe the future and it just makes sense. Work out the details Mayor, approve it Council and it get me my bin.

Do your part. See you on the Boulevard.

Neal Moore owns a creative consulting firm, Neal Moore Creative. He has lived in Maumelle over 10 years. Contact him at Follow him on Facebook or on Twitter, @kneelmore.