A new Maumelle police lieutenant will be named almost any day now.

Several Maumelle sergeants took the test this week and interviewed with the Maumelle Civil Service Commission during an executive session Monday night.

The commission presented to Chief Sam Williams a list of recommendations for the slot and he will make the decision shortly, he said.

Williams said he was in no rush but that he wanted to act quickly and be diligent about the process to select the best candidate for the job.

This is not a new position, William said but rather a vacancy created last year when Lt. Greg McPhail retired and ended a long and outstanding career.

He said McPhail headed the illegal drug interdiction operations within the city and was very astute in his undercover role of searching out the source of illegal drugs.

However, Williams said he’ll be rearranging the lieutenants’ responsibilities and the new position will be more administrative, freeing up lieutenants to work on other assignments.