On Feb. 8, Maumelle police were flagged down by two residents who reported a white Ford truck causing damage to the Lake Willastein Park.

Officer Sterling Pruitt said he and Officer Canady located the truck at the end of the park where they witnessed two men getting out of the truck. They also said they could see clear damage to the new sod where a vehicle had just recently driven through it leaving ruts and destroying the sod.

Pruitt said one of the men, Christian Davis, 19, of North Little Rock allegedly admitted being the driver and causing the damage. Davis told police they, "were just having fun on a snow day." The pair who work at Wild River Country told police they just wanted to find a place to play on a snowy day.

Davis was cited for unsafe driving by police and referred to detectives for investigation into the $1,500 damage to the sod.

Since the new sod was installed last year it has been damaged numerous times by vehicles cutting ruts and destroying the sod.