The Arkansas Parole Board recommended four Pulaski residents for pardons with merit, while the board determined five other applicants to be without merit.

Gov. Mike Beebe will make a final decision upon receiving the recommendations.

The following are residents who were recommended for pardons and the crimes they are convicted of:

1. James Clark V, convicted of 14 counts of burglary, 14 counts of theft of property and possession of instrument of crime.

2. Ebony Henderson, convicted of theft of property and third-degree domestic battery.

3. Matthew D. Iesue, convicted of criminal trespass and delivery of methylenedioxy-methamphetamine (MDMA).

4. David A. Mayer, convicted of theft of property.

Applicants recommended for pardons without merit and the crimes they’re convicted of are as follows:

1. Kimla R. Bennett-Ellis, convicted of two counts of third-degree battery, theft of property and second-degree domestic battery.

2. Victor T. Grant, convicted of two counts of third-degree domestic battery.

3. Sheila A. Thomas, convicted of seven counts of theft of property, a probation revocation for fleeing, failure to appear and contempt of court.

4. Yoshida Whitelow, convicted of disorderly conduct.

The board recommended the application to commute the sentence of Twyanna Martin, convicted of capital murder.

The board recommended the applications to commute the sentence of the following applicants were without merit. Their convictions are as follows:

1. Freno Daniels, convicted of second-degree murder as an habitual offender and felony with firearms.

2. Ricky Jones, convicted of criminal possession with of explosives, probation revocation and second-degree battery as an habitual offender.

3. Carl Lankford, convicted of criminal attempt kidnapping.

4. Eric Lee, convicted of aggravated robbery, theft of property, possession of firearm certain persons, fleeing and a probation revocation for theft of property.

5. Kenneth Morgan/Bolton, convicted of murder in the first degree.

6. Christopher Tinsley, convicted of rape and possession of defaced firearm.