Maumelle purchased a brand new Crime Scene Investigations unit with funds the local law enforcement agencies received from federal cases that they assisted on.

Chris Thyer, U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of Arkansas said his office often calls upon local sheriff’s like Pulaski County Sheriff Charles “Doc” Holladay to furnish manpower and expertise to work together on large cases. Holladay’s office received $101,893.24 in forfeiture funds Thyer shared with the sheriff and another $97,290.02 that was given to Benton Police Department which was pooled to purchase the van which will be used by both agencies.

Thyer said the two agencies provided the IRS’ criminal investigations financial crimes task force with manpower and resources and in return they received those confiscated funds since 2011.

He said first assistant U.S. Attorney Pat Harris and assistant U. S. Attorney Cameron McCree prosecuted the forfeiture for the U.S.

Holladay said you’ll see the CSI van around the county as its needed.