Top row: Akshat Shah, Sarah Grace Schneider, and Chase Miller. Second row: Lydia Copeland, Lilli Hamlin, and Claire Conwell. Front row: Geronimo McKee, Ella Fu Davis, and Brendan Rochelle. Maumelle’s Pine Forest Elementary School Gifted and Talented Alpha Gifted and Talented Program announced the winners of the Science Fair. Fifth grade: Akshat Shah, 1st place; Sarah Grace Schneider, 2nd place; Chase Miller, 3rd place. Fourth grade: Lydia Copeland, 1st place; Claire Conwell, 2nd place; Lilli Hamlin, 3rd place. Third grade: Ella Fu Davis, 1st place; Geronimo McKee, 2nd place; Brendan Rochelle, 3rd place.