The Mayflower oil pipeline spill won’t have any impact upon Maumelle’s water supply, Maumelle Water general manager Barry Heller said this week.

Although the distance is too great for the oil to ever make its way to the site of the Maumelle water supply wells, Heller said he and his staff have been in close consultation with state agencies and they have been assured it would be impossible for the amount of oil spilled at Mayflower to ever make its way this far south and into the water supply for Maumelle.

Heller said he’s fielded a few calls from concerned residents about that issue.

Others have questioned in an Arkansas River spill might damage the water supply.

The series of wells that serve Maumelle are each at least 80 to 90 feet deep, Heller said and well beyond any impact upon their aquifer from river water.

The impact that the Mayflower oil spill is having on Maumelle is a positive one since many of the members of the cleanup crews and displaced homeowners are staying in Maumelle hotels and buying food, gas and supplies in Maumelle.