The monthly meeting of the Maumelle Planning Commission is set for 6:30 p.m. on Thursday with a fairly lengthy agenda.

Maumelle resident John Brooks is scheduled to ask for a variance on the city’s 25-foot setback requirement. Brooks said he started trying to expand his back deck on his condo at 10 Fairway Woods Circle.

A small corner portion of his condo extends into the city’s required 25-foot setback and even into a ten-foot utility easement.

Maumelle City code enforcement director Jim Morley denied the expansion on June 7 and Brooks said he’s now seeking a variance.

The commission has been reluctant to grant waivers although it did so last month to update a damaged wheelchair ramp at 29 Sand Trap Drive.

In other business, the commission has proposed two new ordinances that could change construction within Maumelle. Both would be recommended, if approved, to the City Council for consideration.

The first ordinance adds language requiring sub-grades to be excavated or filled to a required grade or level be conducted by the city engineer or the director of the city’s public works department.

Commission chairman John Todd put it in layman’s terms.

"We’ve had a few issues with sidewalks cracking and this would require a compaction test to be sure the sidewalks will hold up," Todd said.

The second proposed ordinance also requires at least one of the same officials to also sign off on allowable pipe placed within the city.

Todd explained that current law allows any city official to authorize drainage pipes of any size. He said this would limit the approval to the two city employees best qualified to deal with the issue, the city engineer or the public works director.

Another item involves adding ten new parking spaces to the White-Daters and Associates parking lot.

Brian Dale said in his application that since the business moved to Maumelle in 2007 the business has grown along with the need for more parking for employees.