The Maumelle Planning Commission met Sept. 26 and the biggest item of business was last as the Maumelle Strategic Plan was presented and approved.

Mayor Mike Watson said the plan would then go to the City Council at its next meeting, next Monday, for final approval.

The plan was developed by Crafton Tull, a Little Rock firm and presented by Julie Luther and Dave Roberts. It has been in the works for several years now and looks at how Maumelle could become a more vibrant city.

The plan was amended by Commissioner Craig Johnson and now takes in the entire I-40 corridor, as part of the city’s extra-territorial jurisdiction, now limited by state law to one mile from the city limits.

Watson’s only concern was that because the city limits aren’t all straight lines and right angles, that the portion Johnson wanted included may be outside the one mile area.

"But we’ll take a look at it," Watson said and added that he agreed with Johnson that getting all of the I-40 was important for the city’s future.

The Planning Commission passed the strategic plan unanimously.

In other business: A request for a variance at 2 Crystal Mountain Drive was denied. Young Kim Ki wanted to add a walled storage area to his property.

• Two requests for variances at 29 Sand Trap Drive were both approved. The applicant, Tandy Allen, said the variances were to replace his deck, among other things. The property predates the founding of Maumelle in 1985.

• A revised site and landscape plans for BEI were both approved.

• An update to the extra-territorial jurisdiction map was also approved.

The Planning Commission meets again on Oct. 24