Academics Plus Charter School board members heard a report Monday night from the high school’s guidance counselor asking for more liaison between teachers and administrators at the school.

Kimberly Willis told the board the school also needed support and training staff to better prepare the teachers to help educate the students under their care.

Such a program would help out teachers, she said.

“In fact, I wish I had a coach myself, “ Willis said. “We have no coaches here. I’d love to have one myself.”

Willis, a native of California is in her first year at A Plus, she said.

When she did her student teaching as a graduate student, Willis said she certainly could have used a coach.

“I’d love to have one myself,” she said.

With an undergraduate degree from the University of Arkansas at Little Rock in psychology, Willis also holds a master’s degree from Webster University in management but is only nine hours away from a second masters in education from UALR, she said.

Board member Luke Ribich asked Willis if students at Academics Plus could benefit from studying and taking the SAT, standardized achievement test, as well as the ACT they currently study.

Willis said she thought anything that encouraged students to achieve and learn more was a positive endeavor.

Ribich said the SAT would be more beneficial to students who plan to attend colleges outside of Arkansas.

In past years the board has rejected efforts to change the standardized testing indicating the cost for duplication and the school’s dedication as a college preparatory school as part of the reasons for not changing.