Last Friday, officers with the Maumelle Police Department searched a home at 242 Summit Valley Circle.

Police believed the home to be housing a methamphetamine operation and during the search they found scales, tubing, aluminum foil and Sudafed, all the kinds of things that would be found in a meth lab, said Police Captain Jim Hansard. The arrest report wasn’t released until Monday afternoon.

Taken into custody were Shannon McClain, 32; Scott McClain, 42; and Jonathan Brown, 19.

The McClains are married and live at the house in Maumelle, while Brown, who lives in Little Rock, said he was Shannon McClain’s cousin.

In the report, Shannon McClain told police she had been using meth since November 2013 and that her husband had been "cooking" the drug to be used.

She also told police she had been buying the items to make meth at different stores in central Arkansas, while Brown had been going to Walgreens to purchase pseudo-ephedrine, a drug commonly found in products like Sudafed.

Brown told police he was given $20 to buy a box, that cost $7, and he’d pocket the change.

Scott McClain told police he normally cooks "10 grams" of meth at a time and had cooked "four or five times in the last three months."

Brown was taken to the Pulaski County Regional Detention Facility in Little Rock, while Shannon McClain was cited and released.

Scott McClain was released on a $25,000 bond.

The McClains were charged with multiple felonies, while Brown was charged with two misdemeanors, related to weapons and marijuana found in his vehicle.