This Thursday marks the implementation of a new ordinance in Maumelle allowing adults to operate golf carts on any street in town except for Maumelle Boulevard and Arkansas Highway 365 – state highways.

Maumelle police chief Sam Williams said police have already begun a crackdown on violators of current laws and are geared up to enforce the new law beginning tomorrow.

The primary focal point of the enforcement will be golf carts unlawfully crossing Maumelle Boulevard, he said.

"We’re going to be tough on crossing the Boulevard because that’s where the potential for someone getting hurt or killed is the greatest," Williams said.

I pray that it never happens," Williams said, "But we work in the real world and a golf cart offers zero protection for its occupants."

Williams said just last weekend police stopped a golf cart driven illegally by a juvenile on Odom Boulevard that had crossed Maumelle Boulevard to get there.

My biggest fear is having to call a teen’s parents to tell them that golf cart their teen took for a spin just cost them a son or daughter.

"That’s a call no one wants to make," Williams said.

He urged parents to lock up the golf cart keys like they would the keys to a liquor cabinet or a gun safe.