While Maumelle’s sky was lit up by fireworks on the Fourth of July, the city’s emergency services had a relatively quiet night.

“We had 15 calls for service involving fireworks,” said Police Lt. Jim Hansard. “And that is right in line with previous years.”

Hansard also said the police department responded to four disturbances and made arrests for one DWI, one Public Intoxication and one possession of marijuana, which was off a traffic stop, Hansard added.

“That isn’t just for the holiday,” Hansard said. “That also extends into the wee hours of Friday as well.”

Fire Chief George Glenn said his department also had a quiet shift.

“We had one call for fireworks in the street,” Glenn said. “We had two EMS calls and three natural cover, or grass fire, calls.”

None of the fire calls were significant.

“No property damage was reported in any of the grass fires,” Glenn said.

Last year, Maumelle and all of Pulaski County was under a burn ban, but that wasn’t the case this time, but maybe not for much longer.

“Unless we get some precipitation,” Glenn said “I’d anticipate a burn ban by the end of the week. The forecast is calling for a 30 percent chance and it needs to rain.”

The city’s fireworks display at Lake Willastein went off without a hitch,” Glenn said

“Overall, it was pretty quiet,” he said.

Which was, word for word, what Mayor Mike Watson also said about the holiday.

While some residents complained about fireworks noise on Friday, the city’s ordinance did allow for them to be shot off at specific times and all had to be done on private property, Watson said.

“We got some calls about fireworks being shot off after hours,” Hansard said. “So we’d go over and tell them to knock it off and they’d knock it off.”

Hansard said no fireworks citations were issued.

— Jeremy Peppas