During last week’s extremely frigid weather many ducks could be seen walking across a frozen Lake Willastein but one duck became stuck in the ice and couldn’t get out. Two Maumelle Animal Control officers were called out to rescue the duck. Cindy Hansberrysaid on Jan. 7 she was walking around Lake Willastein and found a duck stuck on the ice. His duck buddy was walking around on top of the ice. A neighbor called the Parks and Recreation Department who didn’t believe her. After worrying for 30 minutes about nightfall and the duck’s life, Hansberry said she called Maumelle Animal Control. They were skeptical also about the duck’s plight, but despite the time (4:53 p.m.), they sent two officers to see what could be done. Both officers were engaged in helping the duck and when all efforts were not effective after 40 minutes, they called Parks and Recreation which believed them and sent a boat. The duck was rescued.

Submitted photo