A Maumelle Middle School male student was hospitalized on Feb. 18 after a fight at the school. Maumelle police officer Chris Stroud said he was at Maumelle High School when he got a call he was needed at the nearby middle school for an emergency.

When he walked into the middle school, Stroud said he saw a student unconscious on the floor of the hallway and school security officers told him his injuries were the result of a fight.

School security officer Whitfield told Stroud he witnessed part of the fight and saw the victim’s head slammed against the floor.

Stroud said he found the other participant in the fight inside the principal’s office and asked if he were OK. The student told him he was fine and that he’d only been hit in the jaw.

Due to the severity of the injuries, Stroud said he arrested the 14-year-old middle school student and charged him with second-degree battery in Pulaski County Juvenile Court.