Maumelle police released on Tuesday the results of their investigation into the alleged rape charges against boxer Jermain Taylor. They not only exonerated Taylor but may prove that his accuser falsely accused him.

The Maumelle Monitor requested a copy of the files under the state Freedom of Information Act several weeks ago, but police withheld the documents until the investigation was complete.

The case file documents that Maumelle police could find no evidence that Taylor was even around the woman who made the accusations when she claimed he pushed her down a flight of stairs and raped her.

While waiting on the results of the rape kit conducted during the woman’s stay at the Baptist Health Medical Center in Little Rock, Maumelle police Chief Sam Williams and others said the woman’s allegations had too many holes in them.

Taylor had driven a truck to a hotel and was seen in the video surveillance tapes police obtained there.

First, the woman whom the Monitor now is identifying because police have established that she was not a victim.

Roxanne Walker, 27, of Clarksdale, Miss., was the accuser, who said on her arrest report (accused of being in possession of controlled substances — prescription painkiller Lortab), that her employer is Coahoma College in Clarksdale.

A reporter’s telephone calls to the college did not result in finding anyone who was familiar with her.

The incident between Taylor and Walker allegedly occurred May 18. Taylor and his attorney, Ken Shemin, met May 22 with Williams, Detective Eli Keller and Lt. Jeff Sackoff in Williams’ office.

Keller quoted Taylor as stating that he frequently met with Walker but "stated he had never paid her for intercourse."

Taylor admitted being in her hotel room May 18 and alleged that Walker did indeed smoke a marijuana cigarette.

"Taylor stated that he did not touch Walker in any unwanted manner and stated that he did not touch her in any aggressive manner."

He admitted arguing with Walker because she "became irrational after she smoked the marijuana." He also admitted encouraging her to drink her lemonade drink but denied putting anything in her drink.

When police asked Taylor about what appeared to be an argument in front of her room, he said, "Walker threw her phone and her car keys at him."

He also said he was unaware of any injuries she may have suffered after he left and that he was unaware of Walker falling from a balcony.

Taylor followed her to the front desk when Walker became upset and tried to calm her down, he said.

When Walker asked the hotel manager Chetan Patel to call Maumelle police, he dropped the room keys on the counter and left the premises.

The same day, Walker returned for an interview with police and claimed she still was unable to remember the events surrounding the night in question.

She told police she didn’t know why she told police she was with two nonexistent people when she was asked what she had done on May 18.

Police also said Walker denied any suggestion that she may have fallen from the second-floor balcony.

Lt. Jeff Sackoff said when he showed Walker the hotel surveillance video which showed her falling from the second floor she "began to cry." Walker said she didn’t remember any of that.

Police said Walker provided them with a copy of the physician’s prescription for Lortab, the drug that led to her arrest.

Keller also said in his report that the Arkansas State Crime Laboratory reported on June 12 the results of the rape kit: "1. No semen was found on the vaginal swabs, oral swabs or rectal swabs. 2. No blood was found on the vaginal swabs, oral swabs, or rectal swabs. 3. No hairs were recovered from the pubic hair combings."

Keller said the incident was being closed with no charges forthcoming.

In another previously unreleased report, Keller said he talked with Walker on May 21, and she told him she checked into America’s Best Value Inn and Suite shortly after arriving in town, then drove down to the nearby Shell Station and bought a lemonade drink.

She said Taylor showed up and parked beside her, driving his father’s old, dark-colored pickup truck. She told Keller that Taylor "rolled" her a marijuana cigarette and "they smoked together."

Walker claimed the two did not have intercourse, but that she "did perform oral sex on him."

She said the two later argued over Taylor allegedly not trusting her.

Walker said she remembered nothing after drinking the lemonade until regaining consciousness in the hospital the next day. She was adamant though in telling Keller she did not take any Lortab prescription drugs that day.

Walker told Keller "she did not ever accuse Taylor of raping her or sexually assaulting her, and was only suggesting that something might have happened due to the fact that she could not remember anything and was not wearing any underwear."

"She believed she might have been drugged because she was unable to remember the events of the night and did not drink anything but the lemonade," Keller said Walker told him.

Apparently no drug test was ever ordered or taken at Baptist Health Medical Center because Walker said she went home and on May 19 had a drug test, which showed only marijuana and aspirin usage.

Walker claimed the $500 Taylor gave her was not for sexual favors but just to help her out.

Keller said Walker kept contradicting herself.

He and other detectives reviewed five compact discs of surveillance footage from the hotel between 6:10 p.m. when Walker’s Cadillac pulled up to 8:55 p.m.

He said the tapes showed Taylor entering Walker’s room at 6:26 p.m., and the two exited together at 7:20 p.m.

Keller said the two appeared to be having a "small argument," and at 7:22 p.m., he watched Walker throw her iPhone at Taylor, smashing it.

Walker went one way, and Taylor walked down the stairs at the other end of the hotel toward his vehicle.

"The video then shows Walker lean too far over and fall approximately 20 feet to the concrete sidewalk below," Keller said.

He also said, on the concrete, she appeared to hit her ankle first, then her head.

Walker then got up and ran toward Taylor with the two talking while Taylor was still in his truck before they both walked toward the front office, where at 8:43 Taylor left the room keys and exited the hotel. He said Walker kept running back and forth up and down the stairs before police were called.

Williams said Walker later admitted that she made up the two women friends she initially said came with her from Mississippi, but hotel surveillance tapes showed her arriving by herself and never accompanied by anyone but Taylor until the police arrived.

Williams said no more charges will be filed from the investigation, and that normally when someone like Walker provides Maumelle District Court with a copy of her prescription for the drugs she was charged with possession, the charge usually is dismissed by a judge.

The chief also said that his department was compelled to investigate the allegations, to send the rape kit to the crime laboratory and to wait on the results before making a final decision.

Walker could have been charged with filing a false police report, possession of marijuana and numerous other charges concerning her actions that night and in subsequent days, officials said.