A fight between two female students in a bathroom at Maumelle High School last week made the Friday afternoon news at KATV-TV in Little Rock when a student at the school taped the alleged incident at the school and the mother of one of the girls gave the video to the station.

After the parents of the other 15-year-old tenth-grader threatened legal action the station pulled the tape from subsequent news shows.

Both students are minors and haven’t been charged with any crimes, at least not yet, said Maumelle Police Chief Sam Williams, who confirmed the fight, but didn’t provide anymore details as it is an ongoing investigation.

Williams said detectives were still investigating the incident.

One of the girls in the tape claimed that it was self-defense and that she had been the victim of bullying.

Attempts to contact the parent of the other student were unsuccessful.

Both students said they were suspended for four days each as a result of the fight but school officials said they couldn’t comment on disciplinary actions.

This is the second fight at Maumelle High School in recent weeks. The first was when a teacher was injured when he attempted to break the incident up.

School officials denied that a fight occurred but Williams said a student was arrested and charged with assault as a juvenile.

Fights are a relatively common occurrence at high schools around the area.

At Cabot, in nearby Lonoke County, fights had become common that a web site was started that showed them as they were filmed by cell phone cameras.

The web site was taken down after pressure from the school district.