Maumelle lost so many of its precious trees and limbs in last year’s devastating Christmas snowstorm that members of the Maumelle Tree Board have scheduled a workshop this Saturday to train residents how to properly trim damaged limbs and how to replace lost trees with a variety of trees that will be harder to destroy in a similar crisis.

Maumelle’s own noted arborist, Peter Rausch will lead the training, Kristina Kryzhanovska, chairman of the Tree Board said. Rausch is an ISA certified arborist and an adviser to the Tree Board.

She said Maumelle and the Tree Board are fortunate to have someone with his experience and credentials to demonstrate what to do. The storm wrecked havoc on landscapes throughout the city and we just need a little help to spruce up the look of our city, Kryzhanovska said.

The event will start at the Veterans Memorial at Lake Willastein beginning at 10 a.m. and all residents of the city are invited to attend.

Kryzhanovska said there will be a walk through the park and other areas of the city to discuss what needs to be done to trim and reshape damaged trees and how to accomplish that without damaging the trees even more. Basically it’s tree maintenance.

Tools will be on hand for experts to demonstrate how to properly use them safely and the most effective way of restoring as much viability as possible to the surviving trees.

From Lake Willastein a walking tour through a nearby neighborhood will give attendees a close look at the real damage with suggestions on how to best correct the damage, she said.

The Christmas event has been classified as a major disaster and the city is seeking assistance from the Federal Emergency Management Administration, FEMA, to help pay for the massive cleanup its been undertaking as soon as the snow stopped.

Other members of the Tree Board will be on hand to encourage and assist residents as needed, Barbara Elliott, board secretary said. The event is being called both a "Walk and Talk" as well as "Landscape CPR."

Rausch will explain how to restore your landscape to its pre-storm beauty, straighten a wind thrown tree, prevent future tree damage, and how to pick a proper replacement tree and much more.

Kryzhanovska said that after a brief presentation and discussion at Lake Willastein, there will be an optional walking tour around Lake Willastein and the Edgewater subdivision to view real examples of damage and how tree damage can be managed.

She suggested wearing comfortable shoes and clothes for the tour.