Maumelle police arrested a Georgia man on Sunday after his live-in girlfriend told police he allegedly kidnapped her and threatened to kill her with a pair of scissors if she went to police.

Maumelle police chief Sam Williams said Maumelle rarely has kidnapping cases.

Melvin Lamar "Pookie" Morgan, 38, of Columbus, Ga., was arrested and charged with third-degree domestic battery, aggravated assault on a family member, first-degree interference with emergency communications and second-degree false imprisonment.

According to a police report filed by officer Christopher Mayfield, police received a 911 call on Sunday morning from Pamela Williams, 43, also from Columbus, when she was able to leave an 18-wheeler she was imprisoned inside because an employee of the Nestle Company came to check on the truck sitting on its parking lot.

She told police that about 5 p.m. on Saturday, Morgan, hit her in the face with his hands and took her cell phone away from her. The incident allegedly happened inside the truck that drives for New Prime, Inc. of Springfield, Mo.

"Williams stated Morgan took a pair of scissors to her throat and stated he would put them through the front of her throat and out the back if she told anyone," Mayfield said.

She also told police Morgan would not let her leave the truck until about 5:15 a.m. the next day when an employee from Nestle came out to check on the truck.

When the employee was there, Williams said she was able to leave the truck and go to the loading dock and call police.

Mayfield said when he arrived Morgan, the boyfriend said he was "stressed and took Williams phone."

He also told Mayfield that he did not "do anything" but then asked if he were going to jail.

Morgan also said he took the cell phone to charge since it was his because he pays for it.

Mayfield said after receiving verbal consent he searched the truck for the cell phone and found it hidden under a mattress in the sleeper compartment but that he also found a pair of scissors nearby.

Mayfield said he then arrested Morgan and transported him to police headquarters, charged him and then transported him to the Pulaski County Regional Detention Facility.

Police then contacted New Prime who made arrangements with Nestle to have someone return the 2014 Kenworth 18-wheeler to Springfield and also to transport Williams back to Columbus.