Maumelle is still under watering restrictions requiring homeowners only to water their lawns once a week on the same day their trash is collected.

"Well number 12 is mechanically ready and has been since July 12, but it has not been released for use by the Arkansas Health Department," Maumelle Water Management general manager Barry Heller said. "We have to receive a clean bacti sample from the ADH before they will allow the well to be used. We will continue to submit samples until we receive a clean result. Upon receipt of ADH approval, Maumelle Water Management staff will place the well in service and evaluate the conditions to determine if ‘every-other-day’ watering is possible and will advise the residents at that time."

He said this is the well that was damaged by vandals two weeks ago, but he said all that damage has been repaired.

In response to a question about the number of wells and when they were developed, Heller said, "Wells 1 and 2 were drilled sometime in the early 1940s. Wells 3 and 4 were drilled in the 1970s. Well 5 was drilled in 1996. Wells 6, 7, and 8 were drilled in 1998. Well 9 and 10 was drilled in 2002. Well 11 was drilled in 2009."

In the meantime, once a week water restrictions will remain effect until further notice.