Father’s Day is this Sunday and all over Maumelle youngsters are looking and thinking about possible gifts for the men whom they call Dad.

Merchants in Maumelle and along the Boulevard can tell you story after story about the real cute youngsters and what they’ve heard both this year and in years past.

Quy Lamastus, owner of Quy’s Salon said this week that a young lady came to see her and she wanted to buy her Dad one of those massages she’d heard about.

When Lamastus asked her how much money she had, the young lady told her $4 to $6 dollars.

Although even the cheapest massage from a licensed masseuse can cost many times that amount, Lamastus said she made the girl’s dream a reality and afterwards the young girl was all excited and proud when she brought in her father.

He was a hard working man, the little girl said and normally didn’t have the money or the time for a massage. Although he wasn’t digging ditches by hand for Maumelle Water Management or replacing electrical poles and lines for Entergy, he did have a stressful job that involved a lot of manual labor involvement and he was very appreciative, Lamastus said.

While she has a few male customers who come in for the massage, Lamastus said she primarily caters to women and she has them come from all over central Arkansas to her salon.

But she said this year, based upon the number of inquiries she’s received, she expects to do a lot of Father’s Day week massages.

But she reminded those looking for unique gifts for Dad that a facial not only can work miracles for the average man but those who work outside or play a lot of golf. That includes fishermen or farmers or anyone who gets a lot of sunshine.

Like the rest of your body your face needs special treatment, she said.

Last year a regular female customer sent her husband in telling Quy his skin was terrible and asked her to “Fix him,” So that’s what she did, Lamastus said.

Originally from an aristocratic Vietnamese family who escaped the communists when the French lost the war in the early 1950s, her family fled to the south where her family owned factories, hotels and resorts.

But when Saigon fell in April 1975, Lamastus said they were lucky to get out of the country alive. She eventually migrated to the refugee camp at Fort Chaffee. Her mother died last month in Denver at age 91.

While she might have come from Vietnam here, her newly remodeled salon says New York chic and guests are pampered and made to feel at home and welcome. That’s true for youngsters with just a few dollars in their pocket she said.

She urged children of all ages to consider getting their Dad the one thing he wouldn’t most likely buy himself — a massage or even a facial or a pedicure.

Its not a sissy place, she said. Her client list is just as highly guarded as the one on the hit Lifetime TV show starring Maumelle’s own Laura-Leigh who stepped out last weekend with a much longer and more aggressive role in Jennifer Love Hewitt’s Sunday night thriller — “The Client List.”

But her place is all legit, Lamastus said. In fact, she said a few of Maumelle’s finest even stop by to relieve stress with a massage, Lamastus said.

If your budget is a little tighter there are plenty of cheaper gift ideas in this neighborhood. For example, father’s who’ve served in the military would be trilled to get a new American Flag and a flagpole to display on holidays or any day. Arkansas Flag and Banner in downtown Little Rock has flags in stock from small to huge.

But Wal-Mart and even Joe Carter’s Enterprises in Levy can get your Dad one as a bargain.

There are many other possible suggestions — like a season pass to Wild River Country and while you’re there be sure and ask for the free senior citizen pass for anyone over age 60.

Regardless of whether you can give old Dad a present or not, the best present you could ever get him is to spend some quality time with him.

Let him tell you some stories about how it used to be back during the war or even before. And when he regale’s you with tales about walking seven miles to school each way — remember some of those stories are true and they all bear some resemblance to the hard times he suffered growing up.

Most of all — just listen to the man and give him a big hug and a kiss. You won’t ever regret that.