Which Maumelle intersection is most dangerous?

The men and women of the Maumelle Police Department who work accidents day in and day out had no trouble picking out the trouble spots.

Chief Sam Williams before the research had even been ordered said, “There’s no doubt that we have more accidents at the Maumelle Boulevard and Odom Boulevard South interchange near the Walgreens store.”

And he is exactly right.

According to a computer survey of Maumelle accident records between Jan. 1, 2012 and Dec. 20, 2012 that busy intersection had a total of 18 accidents out of the 142 accidents Maumelle police worked city wide last year before the snowstorm.

The second most dangerous intersection was Maumelle Boulevard and Country Club Parkway with nine accidents during the same period.

Williams also said the Maumelle Boulevard and Odom Boulevard South accidents tend to be the most serious accidents with injuries.

More people are transported by ambulance from that intersection, Williams said.

Police keep no statistical data on the number of accidents with personal injuries much less the extent of the injuries.

According to Patrol Commander Lt. Jim Hansard, only 3.2 percent of the accidents last year involved drivers impaired with drugs and or alcohol, or eight accidents.

Almost all of the intersections along Maumelle Boulevard had around the same number of accidents four or five, except for the two noted.

But nearby to the most dangerous of Maumelle Boulevard and Odom Boulevard South, the intersection of Odom Boulevard South and Club Manor Drive saw five accidents there last year.

The following intersections all saw four accidents during the same time period:

• Maumelle Boulevard and Audubon Drive.

• Maumelle Boulevard and Arnold Palmer Drive.

• Maumelle Boulevard and Crystal Hill Road.

• Maumelle Boulevard and Odom Boulevard North.

• Odom Boulevard North and Woodland Drive.

Other streets prove to be dangerous when you look at all the accidents along the path of the streets. For example, Club Manor Drive and its eight intersections saw 18 accidents last year.

But once again, Maumelle Boulevard and its length just within Maumelle city limits had 84 total accidents at its 18 intersections.

Odom Boulevard South racked up 28 accidents while the north end of the Boulevard had 11 accidents.

Carnahan Drive, the street entrance to Maumelle Middle School and Maumelle High School had 12 accidents during t he same time period.

Both Williams and Patrol Commander Lt. Jim Hansard said there are many factors that contribute to accidents but weather and road conditions and speed are the top factors along with driver inattention or attention.

Williams said Maumelle Boulevard as a state highway is always being evaluated by the Arkansas Highway and Transportation Department and often they’ll require turn lanes be extended or added and other structural changes designed purely for safety concerns to move traffic along at a safer pace.

While there may not be any obvious conclusions gained from this research, Williams said it does identify areas where most accidents happen and Maumelle drivers would be wise to pay attention to those hot spots and drive more carefully near them.