A Maumelle woman showed up at the police department around 3:44 p.m. Friday, May 10 all beat up to report an alleged home invasion in which she said she hit the man on the head with a frying pan in order to escape.

Philicia Pressley, 24, of the Gables apartments at 800 Union Court told police she was in her upstairs apartment’s bedroom on Friday when a short stocky man kicked in her front door. He was wearing a mask and had tattoos on his arms so she said she was unable to tell his race but she said he was between five-foot two and five-foot five inches tall.

Pressley said she was able to retreat to her bedroom and grab her cell phone and as she attempted to call 911 she said the man knocked the phone out of her hands so she grabbed the front door handle in an attempt to leave. But the man reached the front door at about the same time and jerked it back knocking her down when it hit her face. While she was on the floor the man kicked her in the side, she said.

The pair struggled and ended up in the dining room where she was able to grab a frying pan and hit the man in the head and face but he just knocked the pan out of her hand and continued to fight her.

All the while she was yelling and screaming for help, she said.

Pressley said the man was trying to push her onto the floor and she used part of the broken door frame to strike the man and ran down the stairs and over to the police department, she said.

Maumelle police officers responded in force, Chief Sam Williams said but were unable to find any trace of the man or find a neighbor who saw him or even heard the struggle.

Police guarded the apartment while they searched for the man and eventually secured it while detectives followed up trying to find any evidence about the man.

Their was obviously signs of a struggle at the apartment police said but they have been unable to find the man or any other witnesses to verify her story.

Williams said they’ll continue to investigate.